About Us


WOW, that's good Honey!

Our Honey Bees have been wonderful, providing us with delicious honey.... we have been Awarded 2nd Place Nationally for Light Amber at the American Bee Federation July 2018.  We have ave also awarded 1st Place  for our Ultra Light Honey at the Heartland Apicultural Society competition, July 2019.  Additionally, we placed 2nd at HAS in the Best Tasting Honey competition!

Wonderful Honey Bees

Sweet Cyndees Bees

I had been fascinated with bees from my early childhood, watching them forage for nectar amongst the wildflowers.

My wife Cyndee and I keep some hives on our property in northern Illinois.  As current President of the Lake County Beekeepers Association, I started "The NewBeez " a series of programs & training to help new Beekeepers become better stewards of our wonderful, industrious, hardworking, and fascinating honeybees.

We work with selected local beekeepers to provide the best, most delicious honey from hives located in Lake County Illinois and southern Wisconsin to provide you with our wonderful Honey and our delicious Creme Honey, Try a new flavor today!


Creme Honeys

Along with our Honey Bears and Jars of Honey, we offer over 9 delicious flavors of Creme Honey....a delicious spreadable honey to be used on croissants bagels, waffles and even on Ice Cream,.   Our honey is also packaged in beautiful vintage pitchers, decanters and jars, many are leaded and  vintage cut-glass .

A more elegant approach to this wonderful honey. 

Buy a beautiful vintage pitcher of honey for yourself and for gifts, birthday, holiday; any of your special events.